End of ICD-10 Grace Period: What the Data Reveals

We’re well into the new year, and roughly five months into the post-ICD-10 grace period. While data is still rolling in, what is the data revealing with respect to claims so far? Overall, things are going very well. Providers appear to be getting paid faster, with fewer denials, and are realizing lower processing time. Total… Read more »

Happy Holidaze: Be Sure Your ICD-10 Code Book is Close By

Season’s greetings to all! As we enter the busy holiday season, you are sure to begin seeing an uptick in patient visits. You may want to be on the lookout for the following ailments: As you close out the books to a successful, though likely challenging 2016 due to ICD-10, we’d like to offer a… Read more »

Fall is Football Madness: Make Sure You’ve Got the Right ICD-10 Code for That

Go…Huskies! Bobcats! Tigers! Or…insert your favorite football team here. Wherever your allegiance lies, just be sure that when patients begin to flood your lobby with suspicious injuries, conditions or illnesses you’ve got your ICD-10 code book handy to properly treat, code and bill accurately. Whatever ailments you’re starting to see, many of the above are… Read more »

ICD-10: The One-Year Mark, and Preparing for End of Grace Period

Happy anniversary! Or perhaps we should say congratulations for making it through the first year of ICD-10. If your organization reflects what our data is revealing, the past 12 months have likely been relatively uneventful. Taking a look at our data, we are continuing to see a steady decrease in claims processing and payment velocity…. Read more »

Pokemon Go: There’s an ICD-10 Code for That?!

  It’s been all the rage this summer. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know what we’re talking about: Pokemon Go, the most successful mobile game ever in the U.S. based on peak daily active users. The busiest day for Pokémon Go in the U.S. was likely July 14, when SurveyMonkey estimated that just over… Read more »

ICD-10: June Year-Over-Year Report

While we presented the mid-year report card which included June 2016 data based on date of service, we thought it would be interesting to compare June 2016 with stats from one year ago, based on check date. This will illustrate how the industry is doing based on claims processed in June. Here’s what we found:… Read more »

ICD-10: 2016 Mid-Year Report

Good news on the ICD-10 front, the data continues to reveal a decrease in claims processing and payment times. At the mid-year mark, our data is reflecting a steady decrease in claims processing and payment velocity. Reviewing average processing time from January 2016 through mid-June 2016, we are noting that: Average staff processing time has… Read more »

ICD-10 Watch

Based on recent ICD-10 data from our ICD-10 Resource Center, Carl Natale, Editor of ICD10 Watch shares some fascinating insights on the current trends we’re seeing with denial rates! And, it’s pretty interesting information. We frequently share this kind of data that Carl has written about with our subscribers, share your information below and stay… Read more »

ICD-10: The 6 Month Mark

ICD-10 Claim Denials Management Here we are, six months into the ICD-10 conversion. While the headlines continue to trumpet “all is quiet” what is the real story? We thought it would be interesting to take a look at this six-month period and compare it to a year ago. Below is a snapshot of our data… Read more »

ICD-10: A Look at Payer Processing Time

As we keep an eye on what the data is revealing, this month we’ll take a look at how payers are doing since the transition to ICD-10. Our data is showing the national average for payer processing time is 13 days. State-by-state, our data is showing: 18 states have payers with processing times longer than… Read more »

ICD-10: The Data is Showing Some Change, Now 4 Months In

As we continue our journey post-ICD-10 conversion, while it’s important to note that it’s still early in the game with many claims still outstanding, we are starting to see some change in claims processing times. According to our data, the national average for staff processing time is 15 days, and 11 days for payer processing… Read more »

ICD-10: The First 90 days

We are now more than 90 days into the ICD-10 conversion. While the experts continue to give the transition a thumbs up, we believe the full story has yet to unfold.  We believe there is going to be more to the story once the grace period – set forth by the CMS and private payers… Read more »

ICD-10 Reality Check: Impact on Productivity

Though things continue to be relatively quiet on the ICD-10 front, there have been rumblings over the past month regarding the impact ICD-10 is having on productivity. The latest sampling of headlines includes reports of: Decreased coder productivity. Healthcare outsourcing solutions provider Himagine Solutions Inc. recently reported that the ICD-10 transition is negatively impacting inpatient and outpatient… Read more »