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Episode of Care Analytics – Reduce Cost of Care Insights

Our commitment is to deliver meaningful solutions that enable healthcare entities to simply access comparative data to drive business decisions, based on a 360-degree view of information – you can compare your data to industry data.

Lower Cost of Medical Care

Episode of Care Pricing Analytics is a comparative analytics solution that gives you the insight you need to reduce your medical cost of care – showing savings potential by procedure, provider and location.

The value: You can significantly lower your hard dollar medical cost of care for employers and your members.

  • Redirect members during pre-authorization to low cost, high quality locations  
  • Easily define bundled payments  
  • Identify low cost providers to build efficient networks 
  • Negotiate contracts based on relevant data
  • Strengthen provider relationships through the use of data transparency 

Enchance Member Engagement

Enhance Member Engagement

Transparency Tools for Your Members

HealtheReports is a dashboard that delivers healthcare pricing comparisons by procedure, provider and location, so members can compare costs and quality ratings.

The value: When members have access to healthcare costs they have the opportunity to select a high quality, low cost provider. Engaged members can reduce out of pocket costs and help drive down your medical cost of care.

  • Reduce medical claims costs
  • Strengthen relationships with members and healthcare providers
  • Customize dashboards at a plan and employer level
  • Empower members to compare costs and quality by procedure, provider and location, and share their experience with others

Reduce Admin Costs

Reduce Administrative Costs

Enhance payer-provider collaboration by analyzing adjudication outcomes, claim turn-around time, provider coding and utilization patterns to drive out administration waste.

TITAN is a comparative analytics solution that provides instant access to current and historical data. Payers can compare their data to industry data to create benchmarks and baseline standards.

The value: Reduce administrative costs and improve performance with actionable insights and alert notifications for you and your healthcare provider network.

  • Reduce denials and appeals
  • Compare adjudication outcomes, claim turnaround times, provider coding and utilization patterns to industry data
  • Set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and alert notifications to be notified when data points fall outside the parameters
  • Customize reports by department, objective and role