RemitDATA & Healthcare Data Analytics

RemitDATA is a healthcare technology company that delivers healthcare’s most comprehensive comparative data and analytics platform. Through the use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), benchmarking and peer comparison tools, payers, providers and other healthcare services are able to more rapidly identify and prioritize areas of concern – allowing them to better understand their business, enhance communications with business counterparts, improve their business and focus on what really matters to them.

360 solutions 

360-degree data transparency is the ability to have insight from all angles – compare code utilizations, staff performance or denial rates. It’s a chance to prepare for industry changes without disrupting operations.

Comparative data gives your business the chance to truly understand the dynamics of the industry – and where you compare – so you can take action and improve business operations.

RemitDATA delivers 360-degree data transparency to you via a simple, cost-effective, easy to use platform.

Why RemitDATA

  • Low investment: minimal training, no hardware investment and no IT management
  • Continuous real-time access to data from thousands of health plans, HCIT companies, and healthcare providers
  • Largest outpatient-centric ANSI 835 (Healthcare Claim Payment/Advice) comparative database that covers all 50 states and territories
  • Leverage HP Vertica to aggregate and analyze over 50,000 data feeds per day on a single, technology-agnostic platform
  • Real-time API data integration that provides valuable insights to facilitate payer and provider collaboration and informed decision making

api solutions 

Flexibility via APIs

One option that RemitDATA offers is an Application Programming Interface (API) model that provides access to the comparative analytics, notification services, and more, allowing businesses multiple ways to access their data, delivering clear analytics that can help address issues before they impact cash flow – for themselves and their clients.

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