For remittance received in 2014, the average physician practice took 18 days to generate a claim after the date of service and had an 11% denial rate.
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2016 Update:

Revenue Cycle Management comparative analytic solutions for:

Analyze Your Revenue Cycle Management Data in One Place, Quickly and Simply

  • Reduce time spent searching for data
  • Organize data the way you want to see it, based on your role
  • Intuitive revenue cycle analytics solution highlights opportunities in minutes
  • Create benchmarks based on state and national comparison data
  • Prioritize improvement initiatives based on maximum ROI

Do you have the solutions today to answer these questions and to benchmark yourself against your peers, by specialty, both state and nationally?

  • Are you getting more denials from a specific payer?
  • Is your staff’s productivity better or worse than others?
  • Do you know which payers are taking longer to pay you?
  • Are your coding practices making you an outlier and subject to audit risks?

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Upon receiving client data, 10 days from implementation to dashboard access.



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