Compare your Performance to your Peers and Achieve Revenue Cycle Transparency with Titan.

TITAN is a comparative analytics solution that provides automated, actionable insights based on real-time information. You can benchmark your organization’s performance to that of your peers by state, national averages and also by specialty. Track, measure and manage claim processing and payment performance using views and analytics that are meaningful to you.

As a healthcare provider, TITAN enables you to assess high impact areas, such as:

  • Payer processing times
  • Staff productivity
  • Unexpected denial rates
  • Reason code analysis
  • Procedure code utilization

For health plans, TITAN provides instant access to all current and historical claims remittance data (ANSI 835). TITAN enables health plans to disseminate data across all operational areas to identify the root causes of variations in claims processing errors, denials and delays.

TITAN’s dashboard displays and reports provide intuitive summaries – with drill-down details – on key financial metrics to show how they impact your business. This information is automatically collected from practice management and other billing systems, then compiled using RemitDATA’s proprietary analytics.

RemitDATA maintains the industry’s most comprehensive electronic remittance advice database, providing customers with the largest strategically relevant sample sizes. Comparing your business to peers is as easy as clicking the “how do I compare” button within TITAN.

TITAN is a cloud based, SaaS solution. It is simple and quick to implement and requires no IT management. All maintenance and usage are done via a standard web browser without requiring organizations to endure the hassles of maintaining traditional software solutions.

"Using TITAN is great because it allows me to see the reason behind claim denials, or identify the reasons behind a spike in denials. " Business Operations Director , Large Multi-Specialty Clinic,

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