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Leverage Internal and External Data to Drive Benchmarks

What would reducing your denial rate by 2% do for your bottom line?

RemitDATA can help you figure it out.

Whether you are in Healthcare or Telecommunications there is no shortage of initiatives and never enough bandwidth to get it all done. RemitDATA provides clients a way to prioritize their initiatives based on ROI. You have the ability to create benchmarks through the use of your internal data compared to external data providing you with parameters for success. You can create baselines, set alerts and be notified when any of your data points fall outside of your set parameters.

How can an organization know where you should be if you have nothing to compare your data to?

Create benchmarks to effectively prioritize business initiatives.

  • Measure and trend your entire client base
  • Use benchmarks based on State and National comparison data to select the optimal improvement initiatives
  • Monitor initiatives progress using proactive alert notifications

Manage Denials to Resolution

Physician’s Practice states that 5% to 10% of all claims submitted are denied or delayed.

With RemitDATA, Focused remediation efforts led to a reduction in claim denials from 7.92% to 4.99% in a two-month time period, increasing net revenue by over $200,000.

Leverage Historical and Current Data to drive proactive actions.

  • Quickly identify and monitor trends and the root causes
  • Increase productivity and cash recovery
  • Configurable appeals management workflow

Acquire Clients Based on Data Assessments

Did you know that 39% of claims are processed within 7 days and 8% take 60+ days? If your process time is longer than 60 days there is room for process improvements.

With RemitDATA, you can evaluate the cleanliness of your prospects data to determine if they are the right client for you.

Quickly understand the complexity of your potential client’s data.

  • Differentiate your Revenue Cycle Services from your competitors and win more business
  • Easily collect and analyze a prospect’s data
  • Determine the point at which you would achieve profitability
  • Insert findings directly into your sales presentation

Improve Client Satisfaction With Dashboards

$.15 of every U.S. Healthcare dollar goes toward revenue cycle inefficiencies.

With RemitDATA, Reduce inefficiencies & improve your bottom line.

Demonstrate Your Value by showing your clients progress & drive organic growth

  • Set Key Performance Indicators with clients
  • Easily create and share client dashboards to demonstrate your value
  • Highlight areas within the data that you can help resolve – prioritize these areas of concern with an action plan
    • Identify problem areas that you may not be able to impact, but that your client can address internally


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