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There is a 400% - 500% price variance among in-network healthcare providers for the same procedure.*

Give your members the power to manage their out of pocket costs with HealtheReports

HealtheReports delivers healthcare pricing comparisons by procedure, provider and location, so members can compare costs and quality ratings. Engaged members can reduce out of pocket costs for themselves and help drive down your overall medical cost of care.

HealtheReports can…

  • Reduce medical claims costs and monitor pricing by plan and network
  • Strengthen relationships with members and healthcare providers
  • Customize dashboards at a plan and employer level
  • Empower members to compare costs and quality by procedure, provider and location, and  member can share their experience with others

Members can compare:

  • Costs of in-network healthcare providers for a specific procedure
  • Quality of those healthcare providers based on peer data
  • And share their experience with others

HealtheReports can be accessed through payers and/or employers who offer it as a service tool to their members.

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