We’re gearing up for Medtrade 2017!  We have been following trends around the DME and Medical supply market to stay on top of what is important to YOU.

Lately, it seems more difficult than ever before to stay in control of your bottom line and maintain transparency between organizations. Competition in this market (as you know) is fierce. To stay ahead of the game, the trick is to understand your metrics and how they measure up against your peers/competition.

Quick example: Did you know the national claim denial rate for the DME and Medical Supply market decreased from 17.47% to 16.91%.  If your business’ claim denial average was higher than the national average, it would likely raise some red flags?  Do you have solutions to help you quickly take action?

That is what the power of comparative data analytics can do for you. With this kind of insight you can:

  • Set benchmarks for success
  • Apply intelligent actions to achieve your business goals
  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Stay ahead of the competition

The steps to gain this knowledge is simple, and it starts with one very easy and encouraging step. First, check out how you compare so you can begin the process to identify inefficiency gaps in administration and revenue cycle management. 

Next, when you get to Medtrade Spring 2017, come by the RemitDATA booth #832 and we will show you how you can compare, and begin to drive your business forward.

Just for stopping by, you will receive a $10 Poker Chip that can be used at the Mandalay Bay Casino (while supplies last), and be entered in for a chance to win a $100 Amex Gift Card.

If you are ready for more now, please contact us today to speak with a RemitDATA solutions expert and get ready for a very successful year!