Improve Value-Based Contract Performance

Comparative analytics provide a view into episodic care costs across multiple care settings, allowing the variations in treatment choices to be measured and analyzed.

Payer Value: Lower Cost of Care with Value Based Contracts

Market Challenge: Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are looking for ways to lower costs.Cost analysis at the episode of care level can provide critical insights that drive change.

Comparative Analytics can help simplify the management of value-based payment models.


Improve performance of ACO contracts.

  • Identify specific referral patterns that are driving higher costs.
  • Determine where and how to reduce the cost of care, and take action through collaboration with key stakeholders.
  • Influence the provider’s decision on where to perform services.

Reduce wasteful spending and leakage.

  • Highlight specific services within common episodes performed outside the health system.
  • Identify areas of wasteful spending, which episodes are involved and reveal the providers contributing.
  • ACOs can redirect providers to lower-cost sites of service and refer patients to lower cost providers.

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