Maximize Savings Efforts

Opportunity: Payers can notify surgeons and provider groups about referral decisions driving higher cost outcomes.

Through more transparent communications, surgeons have the opportunity to lower their patients’ out of pocket costs by better understanding the cost associated with the facilities where they are currently practicing.

Let Knowledge Power Your Success.

Here is how it works

Identify savings opportunities whether moving from one hospital to another hospital or to a surgery center.

  • Payers and Provider Groups can identify their top surgeons based on high-cost, high-volume procedures by zip code, city, or region.
  • Leverage the medical cost of care data to identify areas where out of pocket expenses can be reduced by the selected location of service for specific episodes of care.
  • Customize message based on surgeon and organizational goals.

Sample Surgeon Notification

Deliver to surgeon via email and/or regular mail.


Through a deeper level of knowledge – payers, surgeons and members can help drive down the cost of care together and patients still receive the best care available.

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Download the Surgeon Site of Service Savings Brochure PDF