Denial Trends Today

Q1 2017 Review

The HME/DME market has experienced significant changes over the past few years, which is in line with the healthcare industry as a whole. In the HME/DME space, we are seeing varying denial rates within different denial categories. Here are a few Q1 highlights.


Of HME/DME claims denied can be attributed to Eligibility reasons – down 3% compared to 2016.

Medicare is the payer leading to the greatest percentage of these Eligibility denials.

Q1 2017 Most Common Eligibility Denial Reason Codes:

204: Service/equipment/drug is not covered

27: Expenses incurred after coverage terminated

Most Commonly Denied Services
Up 2% from 2016 | Oxygen and Supplies

Leveraging comparative analytics, practices can compare data to peers and identify areas needing improvement.

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Resources for you:

  • ICD-10 Resource Center: Follow the latest trends and learn how others are dealing with ICD-10.
  • Compare Your Data: View denial rates by specialty in your state and see how you compare to the industry average

* Information reported based on the HME/DME taxonomy classification for the 1st Quarter 2017

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