It is a common practice among health plans to review claim level detail when working with 835 data. Providers can now get this same level of information straight from the 835 file, and get a complete view of claim level detail and related adjudication information.

We are proud to announce that this new capability is now available in TITAN!

Here is the low down:

Currently in TITAN, all metrics are based on service line detail. With the addition of claim level detail, you now have access to more metrics along with the service line information you have become accustom to monitoring.

New Reports Based on 835 Metrics include: 

  • Average Claim Processing Time Analysis: Analyze claim counts vs. service line counts to track patterns and reveal issuesClaim Average Processing Time Analysis
  • Claim Denial Analysis – Identify and track denial trends at the claim levelClaim Denial AnalysisClaim Denail Analysis 2
  • Claim Dollar Overview – Determine which payers have the highest or lowest billed amount per claimClaim Dollar Review

These new claim level reports give you access to the following features.

  • New filters including: claim status and claim filing indicator
  • New query logic, such as claim status, enables more clarity and insights
  • Expanded comparative capabilities via 835 database
  • Review overall claim volume and/or dollar totalsReview Your Overall Totals
  • Analyze claim status breakdown by payer
    Analyze a breakdown by Payer
  • View a report of service claim details with service line detailsSee Claim Level Details from the 835 combined with the service line details

If you are a TITAN user, we encourage you to contact us with any questions you might have.

If you are not currently using TITAN, click here so we can show you how healthcare comparative data could help improve your revenue cycle.