The last Medtrade event was only 25 days after the transition to ICD-10. Since then, most of us have been working tirelessly to stay ahead of the aftermath: claim denials, denials to resolution, to name a few.

Although the long term effects and benefits of ICD-10 are still unfolding, we have kept a close eye on the market since October, and slowly, we have started to uncover small glimpses of change in areas of overall productivity. We are using our own comprehensive data analytics to show claim denial rates in each state to help you better understand how the market is performing, visit our new ICD-10 Resource Center.

So what does this mean to you? In a market where shifting payment models have a direct impact on business, patients and clients, it is critical to know how you compare so you can identify inefficiencies in administration and revenue cycle management. 

When you get to Medtrade Spring 2016, come by the RemitDATA booth #141 to let us show you how you compare and you could WIN a $100 Amex gift card.

Looking forward to seeing you on March 1!