When we all walk into Medtrade October 26, it will have been exactly 25 days since the launch of ICD-10. Chances are, few of us have truly felt the impact of it, YET.

Although the implementation of ICD-10 is expected to benefit the industry, the early days will wreak havoc. Many will experience increased revenue cycle and administrative inefficiencies.

It’s probably going to feel like you’re walking through a dark, scary jungle with no sense of direction.  This is when it’s time to call for reinforcements, or at least, helpful tools that can guide you.

TAKE ACTION!  Now is the time to resolve current claim denials and begin to mitigate future denials!

The question we often hear is, “Where do I begin?”  A great place to start is to know how you compare to your peers – on a state and national level – are your denials higher or lower, are your peers being reimbursed faster, is your processing time comparable to others in the industry? How many other medical equipment businesses are challenged with missing diagnoses codes?

When you get to Medtrade 2015, come by the RemitDATA booth #1316 for a quick demo to see just how simple it can be to find your way out of the ICD-10 jungle.

We will even give you a free $10 iTunes gift card for the journey and the chance to win a $100 AMEX gift card.

Looking forward to seeing you on October 26!

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