I’m excited. It’s as simple as that – to tell you about a comparative analytics solution that can enhance your collaboration efforts, guide initiatives and build stronger relationships within your network.

I recently joined RemitDATA, as VP, Payer Solutions, where my sole focus is to help payers overcome business challenges through the use of comparative analytics.

Comparative Analytics might not be as exciting as jumping out of a plane or traveling the world. However, the mere fact that we develop solutions that make a difference in the way healthcare organizations utilize data to achieve business optimization is what does it for me.

Through comparative analytics payers can lower their medical cost of care, reduce administrative costs and enhance member and provider engagement.

With all of the complexities that payers are dealing with in healthcare today, the most valuable resource we can give back is comparative data that is simple to digest.

That’s the value RemitDATA brings.

  • large national databasethat enables health plans to explore a wide range of longitudinal and comparative cost studies.
  • A robust and unique cost of care analytics tool that measures episode of care based on pricing performance and key cost drivers.
  • A data perspective that health plans can leverage to guide their providers and strengthen their networks.

In simple to view dashboards, payers can see key areas for savings potential, and benchmark their provider network to industry peers.

Here is an example of a dashboard in the Episode of Care Pricing Analytics solution:

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To learn more email me, MWaltrich@RemitDATA.com.