We are excited to announce that RemitDATA is honored as one of Dallas Business Journal’s Top 100 Best Places to Work in 2015. These top 100 companies were recognized at a special awards luncheon where  RemitDATA ranked 12th in the small business category, one of five categories in the competition.

We are extremely humbled to receive this honor next to so many amazing organizations in the DFW area and even more so that our rank was based on a survey given to RemitDATA employees.

As part of the assessment the Dallas Business Journal asked companies to define their organization in 5 words.  At RemitDATA, the five words that best describe our company (our employees) are:  Agile, Collaborative, Energetic, Entrepreneurial and Motivated. Need we say more?  It is a privilege to work among a group of people defined this way.

The Top 100 companies of 2015 were also asked to describe a super hero that defines their office and why?  We chose Ant Man and here is why.

Ant Man (based on the Marvel comic book super hero) is, above all, smart. He knows how to use his mind to solve problems. The unique thing about Ant Man is his super-human strength comes into play when he’s small – the size of a mere ant. He might be small but he is fierce, fast and incredibly agile. On top of Ant Man’s super-human powers, he garners the help, respect and collaboration of “his fellow ants.” Together, no matter how small, they have the collective power to move mountains.

On behalf of RemitDATA and our entire team, we want to thank the Dallas Business Journal for this wonderful honor. We will do our best to honor this recognition for years to come.

A huge round of applause also goes to the employees of RemitDATA for making RemitDATA the company that it is.