As we keep an eye on what the data is revealing, this month we’ll take a look at how payers are doing since the transition to ICD-10.

Our data is showing the national average for payer processing time is 13 days. State-by-state, our data is showing:

  • 18 states have payers with processing times longer than the national average
  • 20 states that are equal to the national average
  • 12 states have payers with processing times shorter than the national average
RemitDATA_ICD-10_March Blog_Payer_Processing_Time_Map

As we examine denial rates, we are definitely seeing an upward tick in denials across the board between mid-January 2016 and mid-March 2016. Payers also are beginning to take longer to pay claims, as the data reveals below for each:

RemitDATA_ICD-10_March Blog_Comparative Analytics_Denial Rates

Evaluating Payment Velocity for Q4 2015

RemitDATA_ICD-10_March Blog_Comparative Analytics_Remittance Velocity

Be sure to check back in April, as we will look at Q1 2016 compared to Q4 2015 statistics.