The idea of change within the healthcare industry is nothing new.  We’re used to change, but that doesn’t make it any easier to adapt. In the past few years, we’ve seen many initiatives invoke change in healthcare, particularly in administration and revenue cycle management – from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the need for alternative payment models to ICD-10 and MACRA. As we launch into 2017, even more change and uncertainty are upon us with the repeal of the ACA.

Despite the change and uncertainty, there is a constant you can turn to in this digital age: Information Technology (IT). Thanks to incredible innovation and advances made in healthcare IT, data and analytics, we have been able to adapt to change and break the barriers of uncertainty.

So, how can we look at something like IT and data analytics as the constant among these waves of change? The first trick is to remember that technology and data are simply tools to help us, not hinder. The second trick is to find a solution that will enable you to use these tools to your advantage.

That’s where we (RemitDATA) come in.

So, as you head to HIMSS 2017, embrace all the advances in technology. They were built with your business (and your customers’) needs in mind.

In RemitDATA’s case, our goal is to show you:

  • How simple it can be to leverage data (your own or your clients’) to help accelerate business growth in spite of any changes that may come.
  • How comparative data solutions could be an additional revenue stream for your sales channels
  • How comparative data solutions can help to win more business and strengthen your customer relationships

Let us show you.

The best way to understand how comparative data can help improve the revenue cycle process and help improve your or your customers’ bottom line is to visit us at HIMSS 2017 in Orlando, Florida at Booth #5847.

In a matter of minutes, you will witness what comparative data analytics solutions can do!

If you’re anxious to learn more now, you can get a quick preview of what we can do by viewing one of these short use cases for payers, providers and billing companies in our Knowledge Center.

Also, be sure to check out our Compare Your Data page! See denial rates by specialty in your state and how they compare to the industry average!  How do you compare?

See you in Florida!