Matt Waltrich Joins RemitDATA

I’m excited. It’s as simple as that – to tell you about a comparative analytics solution that can enhance your collaboration efforts, guide initiatives and build stronger relationships within your network.

I recently joined RemitDATA, as VP, Payer Solutions, where my sole focus is to help payers overcome business challenges through the use of comparative analytics.

Comparative Analytics might not be as exciting as jumping out of a plane or traveling the world. However, the mere fact that we develop solutions that make a difference in the way healthcare organizations utilize data to achieve business optimization is what does it for me.

Through comparative analytics payers can lower their medical cost of care, reduce administrative costs and enhance member and provider engagement.

With all of the complexities that payers are dealing with in healthcare today, the most valuable resource we can give back is comparative data that is simple to digest.

That’s the value RemitDATA brings.

  • large national databasethat enables health plans to explore a wide range of ...

Medtrade Fall is Next Week

When we all walk into Medtrade October 26, it will have been exactly 25 days since the launch of ICD-10. Chances are, few of us have truly felt the impact of it, YET.

Although the implementation of ICD-10 is expected to benefit the industry, the early days will wreak havoc. Many will experience increased revenue cycle and administrative inefficiencies.

It’s probably going to feel like you’re walking through a dark, scary jungle with no sense of direction.  This is when it’s time to call for reinforcements, or at least, helpful tools that can guide you.

TAKE ACTION!  Now is the time to resolve current claim denials and begin to mitigate future denials!

The question we often hear is, “Where do I begin?”  A great place to start is to know how you compare to your peers – on a state and national level – are your denials higher or lower, are your peers being reimbursed faster, is your processing time comparable to others in the industry? How many other medical equipment businesses are challenged with missing diagnoses codes?

When you get to Medtrade 201...


Influence Tomorrow’s Solutions…

And walk away with a $10 iTunes gift card and the chance to win an Apple Watch!

All you have to do is take a quick survey or complete a demo!

A few weeks ago we launched our fall survey. The objective is to better understand the issues you are facing so we can continue to create relevant comparative data solutions.

Based on the collective responses from billing companies and providers, we will analyze the data and share our key findings in early 2016.

Our mission is to gain a deeper understanding of customers’ priorities within revenue cycle management – business issues, solution gaps and more.

RemitDATA seeks to continually optimize and better align solutions with the nuances industry priorities.

Here is how you can make a difference.

If you are attending MGMA on October 11-13 in Nashville stop by our booth #1220 and take the survey.

The survey will be open until November 24th and results will be announced in in early 2016.

The more responses we get, the more conclusive the results!

So, be sure to stop by our booth #1220 to take the survey, or let us show you...


Help Us Learn about YOU at HBMA

We are headed to Las Vegas for the HBMA Fall Conference and we couldn’t be more excited. The agenda has caught our eye with many interesting discussions, from ICD-10, report customization, employee productivity to gambling with claim denials, to name a few.

What a great time for us all to learn. Beyond our goal to attend sessions, we will launch our fall survey and we hope to hear from YOU. The objective of this survey is to better understand what issues you are facing so we can point toward viable solutions.

Based on the collective responses from billing companies and providers, we will analyze the data and then share our key findings in early 2016.

Be sure to stop by our booth #505 to take the survey, let us show you a demo of our comparative data analytics solutions, or just come say hi.

Did we mention that anyone who takes the survey or participates in a demo will walk away with a $10 iTunes gift certificate and be entered into a drawing to win an Apple Watch?

See you in Las Vegas!

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For more information on our fall survey, read the ...


Ready to Engage – Greenway ENGAGE Conference is Next Week

We are excited to attend Greenway’s ENGAGE conference right here in Dallas.

It is always a tremendous opportunity for us to learn directly from our partners and customers.

We are looking forward to the sessions and conversations led by the Greenway leadership team and customers. After all, the best way to ensure solutions meet market and customer needs is to be part of that conversation.

Follow us on social for updates throughout the conference.

Interested in learning more about Greenway solutions, click here.


June 2015 Medicare Denials are Experiencing Spikes

  HME Graphic-August

Check out the RemitDATA Denial Tracker in the August issue of HME News.


How Benchmarking Can Help Guide Your ICD-10 Transition

In healthcare today, a common cause of heartburn might not be diet based, as you would typically expect. The answer today would probably be the highly anticipated transition to ICD-10 (insert nervous laughter here).

All jokes aside, ICD-10 is serious. However in the case of ICD-10, it is going to happen, and cannot be avoided. Revenue cycle management and billing teams will carry a large portion of the burden – working with new codes, trying to keep denial rates as low as possible while keeping administrative performance steady.

One way to manage the chaos is to leverage comparative analytics – to know where you stand based on internal and external data.  Comparative benchmarking is a proven method that gives you the insights to drive process improvement and business optimization.

We are thrilled to share our recently published article in the July/August issue of HMBA Billing Boost Your Business with Benchmarking, where we discuss benchmarking best practices, the benefits it can provide and actionable outcomes.

To read the full article please login to HBMA B...