The Puzzle is Complete

I became a manager for the first time on the day I reported for duty as a young second lieutenant in the Air Force eighteen years ago. They handed me a team and said, “Go.” That was a little scary. Yet, over the years, I learned how to build and lead teams to face the challenges ahead of us. Each of those teams had a life span – form, mature, conquer, excel, and then evolve again.
Dave Ellett, our CEO, mentioned in his blog entry a couple of weeks ago that our company is transitioning in many ways. In the past seven months, we’ve changed our approach in every department: sales, marketing, finance, and development.  But each of those pales in comparison to the transformation our “team” has gone through. The evolution has been simply striking. Like a puzzle forming on your kitchen table, our team was assembled from a variety of pieces. We have grizzled veterans who fought to successfully grow the company from an idea on a laptop to back-to-back appearances on the Inc. 5000 list. We have newcomers, like our whole marketing team, who each bring different... more

You can’t Manage what you can’t Measure

This adage is as true as its always been, and never more relevant in healthcare than today!
I’ve been in the healthcare industry, working with providers, since 1989. During my 20+ years in the industry, I’ve observed that providers in general, and physicians in specific, have never had the tools to properly measure their performance or compare their effectiveness on key business metrics. The best the industry has ever done for providers is to offer up a lame survey, filled out voluntarily, with self-reported (read “suspect”!) data, from a small number of (bored) physicians. These statistically questionable, and often inaccurate surveys are then paraded around the industry as the baseline for comparative purposes. In the past, these fluffy surveys have been enough for the providers. No longer. Reimbursement rates are dropping. Costs are increasing. Regulations and risks are on the rise (RAC, ZPIC, CERT audits to name a few!). Productivity is decreasing. And quality of life for providers is almost non-existent! Physicians have been “flying blind... more

Change for the Better

Change is always hard. Changing something that is successful is really hard, and some would say unnecessary. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Despite the challenges, we have been making dramatic changes at RemitDATA lately.
Our company has been growing steadily for the last several years. We have been fortunate enough to be recognized in the Inc. 5000 for both 2008 and 2009. We have tremendous customer loyalty, with over a 90% renewal rate every year for the 10 years we have been around. Both of these are signs of success. Even so, the senior team here all felt we could be doing better; for our customers first and foremost, and for our employees and shareholders as well. To that end, we are in the middle of two major initiatives. First, we are transforming from a direct sales organization to one going to market primarily through partners. In talking with our customers, we realized that there are several situations where it would be easier, and preferential, for our customers if we were more tightly integrated with some of the other solutions they work w... more

The Future is Transparent

Welcome to our new website and our new blog!  I’m so excited to welcome you to the “new” RemitDATA. We’re a bold company making big moves in healthcare by delivering transparency to providers that are so desperately needing it in order to survive the business of healthcare. Our new blog will be dedicated to addressing the reimbursement, utilization and productivity problems facing providers in today’s ever-changing environment. We are focused and well positioned to solve those problems.
Our goal in this blog is to share our knowledge and experience with the healthcare community so we can help providers and develop strong partnerships. We will bring undeniable clarity to how providers are being paid, why they are not being paid and enabling them to benchmark themselves against their peers. There are many layers to each of those issues and we’ll bring transparency to each layer. As you explore our new website, you’ll see our new colors, icons, and logos. All bold. Just like us. My promise to you is that we’ll push the boundaries of what you thought... more