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Are your providers experiencing the expected 100% - 200% increase in denial rates due to ICD-10?*

Reduce your Administrative Costs With TITAN

TITAN is a comparative analytics solution that provides instant access to current and historical data, in one location. As a payer, you can compare your data to industry data to create benchmarks and baseline standards.

Reduce your administrative costs and improve your performance with actionable insights and alert notifications for you and your healthcare provider network.

  • Reduce denials and appeals
  • Compare adjudication outcomes, claim turnaround times, provider coding and utilization  patterns to industry data
  • Set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and alert notifications to be notified when data points  fall outside the parameters
  • Customize reports by department, objective and role

Drive revenue cycle, workflow and operational performance improvements leveraging data mining best practices, practice analytics, and provider and peer comparisons within your network.

  • Provider reps can leverage a client’s data to create assessments highlighting areas – such as eligibility denials – where they can improve their revenue cycle. These assessments can be shown digitally or in print formats.
  • Leverage data to track administrative cost reduction initiatives – for you and your in-network providers – and strengthen provider relationships.
  • Strengthen contract negotiation discussions by analyzing allowed amount comparisons at a national and state level by major procedure code groupings

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