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U.S. healthcare costs this year alone are expected to rise by 6.8 percent.*

Lower your medical cost of care with Episode of Care Analytics

Episode of Care Pricing Analytics is a comparative analytics solution for Payers that offers data transparency allowing you to:

  • Redirect Members During Preauthorization to Low Cost, High Quality Locations
  • Easily Define and Create Bundled Pricing
  • Identify Low Cost, High Quality Providers to Build Efficient Networks
  • Negotiate Contracts Based on Meaningful Data

The tool provides a snapshot of the pricing range – high, medium and low - of healthcare costs. Identify cost variances in your provider network and reveal savings potential.

  • Procedure data is normalized for apples-to-apples comparison
  • Analysis is conducted by procedure, provider and location
  • Actions are identified so that results can be quantified

The result? Real savings potential and strengthened provider relationships.

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