Are you ready? Today…let’s turn challenge into opportunity. It’s time to enhance provider engagement, lower your medical cost of care and empower your members.

Let’s make this a success. The first step requires a deeper dive into your own data, identify trends and areas of concern.

With RemitDATA’s comparative analytic solutions, you can. And, the process is much easier than you might imagine.

Healthcare Comparative Analytics Video:

In this video, see how comparative analytic solutions can change the game for health plans and their medical cost of care.

Today, members have a financial stake in their healthcare decisions. They have to deal with higher deductibles, co insurance, increased out of pocket maximums and it seems to be growing each year.

But, your members are experienced value shoppers. They want to know their options and they want to save money. In any other industry, this is a common practice…for everyone.

And, with a 400% – 500% price variance for the same procedure and geographical region, the savings potential is significant. So imagine how helpful it would be to all parties, if we gave them the financial information they need to make informed decisions.

Did you know that a MRI of the brain could have a cost variance between $520 – $3,060? With a savings potential of $2,500 at stake, it is critical to leverage price transparency to become more competitive in the market. Help members make value-based decisions, reduce health plan costs as well as Member out-of-pocket costs.

Start changing the game, contact us today to see how.