TITAN's real-time analytics help increase revenues, productivity and utilization by combining business intelligence with comparative analytics. Instantly compare performances to peers by state and specialty in areas that include:
  • Payer processing times
  • Staff productivity
  • Unexpected denial rates
  • Reason code analysis
  • E&M code utilization

What's in the Demo?

Scheduling a demo with RemitDATA is quick and easy, plus it’s the best way to learn how our solutions will benefit your organization. Depending on your needs, a demo could include:

  • A walkthrough of specific solutions or the entire RemitDATA solution set
  • A review of your short- and long-term business goals
  • Personalized recommendations for solving issues facing your organization

"TITAN gives physicians the opportunity to truly understand where, how, when and why mistakes are being made. They feel closer to the reimbursement process..."

Mitzi Wilson
Vice President
RC Billing

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"TITAN is a valuable tool for a company such as ours that works with providers in multiple states. We’re able to detect rule changes by state entities and all the payers across the nation."

Kristeen Coronado
Enhanced Revenue Solutions

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"Using TITAN is great because it allows me to see the reason behind claim denials, or identify the reasons behind a spike in denials. With TITAN, this information is available in minutes."

Central Business Operations Director
Large Practice Group

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