Drive Business Decisions with Your Data

There are vast amounts of data being thrown at organizations from all directions. The problem with all this data begins with organizational limitations – whether it be limited staffing resources or outdated solutions.

Data is beautiful, but it is only beneficial when we understand the story it is telling. Data creates insights that give you the ability to adjust the trajectory of your organization.

We are proud of the vast amounts of data we have that give our clients the ability to guide their business decisions.

Whether you are a payer trying to reduce your medical and administrative costs and want to compare the cost of procedures by specialty and location, a revenue cycle management company trying to analyze your data across your customer base to bring more value or a healthcare provider that wants access to comparative data so you can better understand how you compare to your peers.

What Makes Our Data Different?

Our data is designed to help you get the answers you need. There are other organizations that offer comparative analytics based solely on data within their solutions. RemitDATA’s comparative data goes beyond our solutions and accounts for current and historical data. There is a difference.  

Healthcare comparative data snapshot

About Our Data

  • Focused Exclusively on Healthcare data

  • ANSI 835 Electronic Remittance Advice Data

  • Repriced claims data