“…TITAN lets me view our practice's business landscape from different comparative perspectives. I can tweak the information in front of me to view it in different ways that reveal areas needing our attention.”

- Business Operations Director


“The biggest selling point is the 'how do we compare' feature within TITAN. Within two minutes I can find the data I need, rather than researching state and national averages and having several among our staff compile reports”

– Operations Director

Health Systems

“TITAN’s enhanced analytics help avoid costly, repeated inaccuracies and achieve greater control over the revenue cycle.”

– Vice President

RCM/Billing Firms

“It gives me insight into things that I suspected, but were difficult to prove without data, such as measuring payment turnaround times by specific payers against state and national peers.”

– Healthcare Performance Consultant


“With RemitDATA, we can provide a much broader view and comparative content for physicians and for practices to do their performance against their peers within a given geography and specialty to make sure that they are optimally performing.”

– HCIT Partner

Healthcare IT Partners

Delivering the strongest Comparative Analytics solution in healthcare

RemitDATA brings the strengths of business intelligence analysis and big data processing into one powerful real-time Comparative Analytics solution (TITAN®). By combining our analytics and workflow solutions together, providers and their business operations team can optimize every reimbursement category, have greater visibility into their staff's productivity and compare their code utilization to real-time peer comparatives.

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RemitDATA Launches All New TITAN® Business Intelligence and Comparative Analytics Solution

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Data illuminates path to continued viability

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How comparative analytics can increase performance

Using comparative analytics to measure clinical, financial and operational performance against peers

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